Borrowing Materials

A library patron is responsible for all materials checked out on his or her library card, and if such materials are returned damaged or lost, the patron is responsible for paying fines or replacement fees. The parent or legal guardian of a minor patron is responsible for all materials checked out on the minor patron’s card. All patrons must present a library card or photo identification in order to check out materials.

Restrictions of Borrowing Privileges

Patrons may have a maximum of $5.00 in unpaid fines before their borrowing privileges are restricted.  Fines over $5.00 will result in a loss of checkout privileges until they are paid.

Borrowing Periods

The following are the library’s borrowing periods:

Item Loan period
Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) 28 days
Juvenile Books (Fiction & Non-Fiction) 28 days
New Fiction Books 28 days
New Non-Fiction Books 28 days
New Juvenile Books 28 days
Browsing Collection 28 days
Audiobooks 28 days
Music CDs 28 days
Video Games 28 days
Magazines 7 days
DVDs & Videos (Non-fiction and series are 21 days) 7 days
Hotspots & special equipment *

Most library items may be renewed up to four times unless another patron has placed a hold on an item.

*Hotspots and special equipment have loan periods and overdue fines that are specified on the Borrowing Agreement Form signed by the patron when borrowing these special items.

Borrowing Limits

Only 50 items may be requested (“placed on hold”) on a patron’s card at any given time. There is no maximum on books a patron may have checked out, as long as they are not over the $5.00 fine limit. A patron may check out a maximum of 5 DVDs or Blu-Rays, 5 video games, or 10 music CDs in a single day. A patron may have no more than 10 DVDs or Blu-Rays, 10 video games, or 20 music CDs on their borrower’s record at any one time.

Fines and Fees

Patrons may have a maximum of $5.00 in unpaid charges on their account before their borrowing privileges are blocked. Patrons with fines of $5.00 or more will not be allowed to borrow materials until fines are paid.  All fines must be paid before a card can be renewed.

Overdue and Fine Notices

When an item is nearing its due date, a pre-overdue notice is sent 3 days prior to the due date for all items when patrons select text or e-mail notification services.  When an item is 14 days overdue, a notice is mailed or e-mailed to the patron.  When an item is 28 days overdue, a second and final overdue notice is mailed or e-mailed to the patron.  Any item 45 days overdue is considered lost and a bill is mailed to the patron for that item.

Overdue Fines

St. Clairsville Public Library does not charge fines for overdue items (except for hotspots and special equipment with a separate Borrowing Agreement Form). However, a patron should renew eligible items or return them when due to avoid materials being assumed lost. If items are not returned after repeated late notices, items will be assumed lost and the library borrowing privileges of the card holder suspended until the items are returned or paid for.

Lost or Damaged Material Fines

At times, a patron may damage or lose an item they checked out from the library.  In such a case, the patron is responsible to pay the repair or replacement cost of that item. There will be a minimum $2.00 charge for each item that is returned damaged, or with missing parts, that is able to be repaired.  If one or more discs are missing from audiobooks, it may be possible to replace the missing discs.  Patrons will be charged the actual cost of disc replacement.  If it is not possible to replace the individual disc, patrons may be charged the full replacement amount for that item. Once a lost item is paid for, the library deletes the item from the library catalog. No refunds shall be issued for lost items paid for and then later “found.”

If an item is damaged beyond normal wear and tear and cannot be repaired, the cost of the item as it appears in the item record will be charged to the patron. If an item is reported as lost, the replacement cost of the item will be charged as well as a processing fee for collection costs. The charge for a lost item will be the cost of the item as it appears in the item record.  The only acceptable replacement will be the cost of the item.  Any items that a patron purchases on their own from a retailer will not be accepted.  All items will be paid for at the circulation desk and a receipt will be given.  After a damaged item has been paid for and removed from the catalog, the borrower may keep that item at the staff’s discretion.