Donate & Volunteer

Monetary Donations to the Library 

While the library receives much of its funding from the State, we rely on support from generous people like you. Your donations support the library's programs and services.  If you would like to donate to the library, you can do so in person, via email or online. 

  1. Online: Click here to donate via credit card or Paypal account
  2. Mail or in person: Please print a Donation Form or contact the library.

The Library gratefully accepts monetary donations from patrons who wish to make a donation recognizing an individual, group or loved one. All donors receive a letter of acknowledgement and may request a gift notice sent to a recipient. In addition:

  • For donations of $25 or more, library staff will, upon request, insert a bookplate "In Memory of/In Honor of" into a new book. It will identify the person being remembered/honored and the donor.  
  • For donations of $250 or more, you may opt to have a leaf engraved on the Library Giving Tree.  See page 2 of the Donation Form linked above for the "Levels of Giving" available on the Library Giving Tree and contact the library.

Thank you for considering the St. Clairsville Public Library for your donation!

Books and Materials Donations

The Library will generally accept donations of books in good, clean condition along with DVDs and audiobooks.

The Library does not accept the following:

  • Material in poor condition, i.e. moldy, wet, soiled etc.
  • Outdated material
  • Textbooks
  • Magazines
  • Encyclopedias 
  • Readers' Digest 
  • VHS or cassette tapes

Donations can be dropped off during open hours to the Front Desk of the St. Clairsville Public Library. Please call ahead at 740-695-2062 to ensure we have staff available to assist you.

What is done with donated books and materials?

Once donated, items become wholly the property of St. Clairsville Public Library and are reviewed for possible inclusion in its collections, use in the building or in displays. 

The following stipulations apply:

  • Donated items will not be returned to the donor and the Library will only accept items that are outright gifts.
  • Materials of any type may be sold (with proceeds going to the Friends of the STC Library - to support Library programs), given away, recycled or discarded.
  • The Library reserves the right to decide when a gift added to the collection will be withdrawn.
  • The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift.
  • Because the Library does not serve the function or a museum, gifts of items for permanent display or preservation are not normally accepted.
  • The Library is under no obligation to store or conserve any object.  

How can I request an acknowledgement of my books and materials donation?

If you would like an acknowledgement letter from the Library for your donation, please let the staff person who received your gift items know of your request. The Library is unable to provide appraisals, fair market values or inventories of the items donated. You may wish to make a list of items donated for personal or tax purposes. In accordance with income tax regulations, the determination of a donation value is the donor's responsibility.

Volunteering at the Library

The library's volunteer program is designed to expand and enhance public service to the community. Volunteers generally provide support services to paid staff and/or work on special projects.  Volunteers learn more about the library and its place in the community and observe firsthand the way the library serves the community's needs.

A person who would like to volunteer at the library must complete a volunteer application. If volunteer opportunities exist, the Director, or his or her designee, will review that application, interview appropriate candidates, assign tasks, establish a schedule, and train and supervise the volunteer.

Where possible, in appropriate circumstances, and at the sole discretion of the library, the library may choose to assist the local courts and other social service agencies by providing community service and/or library work experience for individuals.

Please contact the library at 740-695-2062 or stop by if you are interested in volunteering.  

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