Teen New Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 3, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Sweet black waves Pérez, Kristina TEEN F PER
Little do we know Stone, Tamara Ireland TEEN F STO
The ruinous sweep Wynne-Jones, Tim TEEN F WYN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 29, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Far from the tree Benway, Robin TEEN F BEN
How we roll Friend, Natasha TEEN F FRI
Relative strangers Garner, Paula TEEN F GAR
Bring me their hearts Wolf, Sara TEEN F WOL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 22, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Galaxy girls Jackson, Libby TEEN 629.45 JAC
Fatal throne Anderson, M. T. TEEN F AND
Questions I want to ask you Falkoff, Michelle TEEN F FAL
Tradition Kiely, Brendan TEEN F KIE
Furyborn Legrand, Claire TEEN F LEG
The astonishing color of after Pan, Emily X. R. TEEN F PAN
The hate u give Thomas, Angie TEEN F THO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 15, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Children of blood and bone Adeyemi, Tomi TEEN F ADE
The history of Jane Doe Belanger, Michael TEEN F BEL
Legendary Garber, Stephanie TEEN F GAR
Puddin’ Murphy, Julie TEEN F MUR
Neanderthal opens the door to the universe Norton, Preston TEEN F NOR
Long way down Reynolds, Jason TEEN F REY

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 8, 2018

Title Author Call No.
The strange fascinations of Noah Hypnotik Arnold, David TEEN F ARN
War storm Aveyard, Victoria TEEN F AVE
The gone away place Barzak, Christopher TEEN F BAR
Emergency contact Choi, Mary H. K. TEEN F CHO
Brightly burning Donne, Alexa TEEN F DON
Give me some truth Gansworth, Eric L. TEEN F GAN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 20, 2018

Title Author Call No.
The Graduate Survival Guide Oneal, Anthony TEEN 378.3 ONE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 13, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Starry eyes Bennett, Jenn TEEN F BEN
The Summer of broken things Haddix, Margaret Peterson TEEN F HAD
The way the light bends Jensen, Cordelia TEEN F JEN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 30, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Someday, somewhere Champion, Lindsay TEEN F CHA
Emergency contact Choi, Mary H. K. TEEN F CHO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 23, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Votes for women! Conkling, Winifred TEEN 324.6 CON
The case of the missing men Bertin, Kris TEEN 741.5973 BER
The history book Grant, R. G. TEEN 909 HIS
Brazen Bagieu, Pénélope TEEN B BRA
The radical element Spotswood, Jessica TEEN F SPO
How you ruined my life Strand, Jeff TEEN F STR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 16, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Makerspace sound and music projects for all ages Glendening, Mary L. TEEN 629.8 GLE
Wires and nerve. Volume 2, Gone rogue Meyer, Marissa TEEN 741.5973 MEY
The prince and the dressmaker Wang, Jen TEEN 741.5973 WAN
Voices in the air Nye, Naomi Shihab TEEN 811.54 NYE
My shot Donne, Elena Delle TEEN B DON
Tangled planet Blair, Kate TEEN F BLA
A skinful of shadows Hardinge, Frances TEEN F HAR
The falling between us Parsons, Ash TEEN F PAR
Twelve steps to normal Penn, Farrah TEEN F PEN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 9, 2018

Title Author Call No.
The Bible book Dorling Kindersley, Inc. TEEN 220.6 BIB
Live fearless Robertson, Sadie TEEN 248.8 ROB
Chasing King’s killer Swanson, James L. TEEN 323.092 SWA
I have the right to Prout, Chessy TEEN 362.88 PROU
Human movement Mooney, Carla TEEN 612.7 MOO
Hermes : tales of the trickster O’Connor, George TEEN 741.5973 O’CO
Ink, iron, and glass Clare, Gwendolyn TEEN F CLA
Blood water paint McCullough, Joy TEEN F MCC
After the shot drops Ribay, Randy TEEN F RIB
When my heart joins the thousand Steiger, A. J. TEEN F STE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 1, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Americanized Saedi, Sara TEEN B SAE
Victoria Reef, Catherine TEEN B VIC
The Hazel Wood Albert, Melissa TEEN F ALB
This savage song Schwab, Victoria TEEN F SCH

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 23, 2018

Title Author Call No.
The 57 bus Slater, Dashka TEEN 364.15 SLA
Women in science Ignotofsky, Rachel TEEN 509.2 IGN
Women in sports Ignotofsky, Rachel TEEN 796.092 IGN
Fierce Raisman, Aly TEEN B RAI
Love & other train wrecks Konen, Leah TEEN F KON
One of us is lying McManus, Karen M. TEEN F MCM
Our dark duet Schwab, Victoria TEEN F SCH


NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 9, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Speak : the graphic novel Anderson, Laurie Halse TEEN 741.5973 AND
The cruel prince Black, Holly TEEN F BLA
The Belles Clayton, Dhonielle TEEN F CLA
Fade to us Day, Julia TEEN F DAY
The apocalypse of Elena Mendoza Hutchinson, Shaun TEEN F HUT
All we can do is wait Lawson, Richard TEEN F LAW

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 1, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Love, hate & other filters Ahmed, Samira TEEN F AHM
Together at midnight Castle, Jennifer TEEN F CAS
Everless Holland, Sara TEEN F HOL
Unearthed Kaufman, Amie TEEN F KAU
Thunderhead Shusterman, Neal TEEN F SHU

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 29, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Alexander Hamilton, revolutionary Brockenbrough, Martha TEEN B HAM
Kids like us Reyl, Hilary TEEN F REY

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 22, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Alexander Hamilton Hennessey, Jonathan TEEN B HAM
Empress of a thousand skies Belleza, Rhoda TEEN F BEL
Leia, Princess of Alderaan Gray, Claudia TEEN F GRA
I never Hopper, Laura TEEN F HOP
Star Wars : the legends of Luke Skywalker Liu, Ken TEEN F LIU
Renegades Meyer, Marissa TEEN F MEY
Ever the hunted Summerill, Erin TEEN F SUM
Strange the dreamer Taylor, Laini TEEN F TAY
Twist fate Connected Learning Alliance TEEN F TWI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 10, 2017

Title Author Call No.
The speaker Chee, Traci TEEN F CHE
An enchantment of ravens Rogerson, Margaret TEEN F ROG

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 3, 2017

Title Author Call No.
The elephant whisperer Anthony, Lawrence TEEN 599.674 ANT
Girls made of snow and glass Bashardoust, Melissa TEEN F BAS
Light years Griffin, Emily Ziff TEEN F GRI