Children’s New Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 30, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Ladybugs and other insects Peyrols, Sylvaine J595.76 PEY
Sugar glider Kenney, Karen Latchana J636.923 KEN
Ferret Reed, Cristie J636.9766 REE
Let’s play : awesome activities every babysitter needs to know Higgins, Melissa J649.102 HIG
No running in the house : safety tips every babysitter needs to know Rissman, Rebecca J649.102 RIS
365 things to do with LEGO bricks Hugo, Simon J688.725 HUG
The King of Kazoo Feuti, Norman J741.5 FEU
Moana : the essential guide Bazaldua, Barbara J791.433 DIS
Minecraft : medieval fortress Jelley, Craig J794 JEL
Some writer! : the story of E. B. White Sweet, Melissa JB WHI
The most perfect snowman Britt, Chris JE BRI
Ladybug Girl gives thanks Davis, Jacky JE DAV B&T
Pete the cat : snow daze Dean, James JE DEA E.R.
Pete the cat and his magic sunglasses Dean, James JE DEA
Dog vs. Cat Gall, Chris JE GAL
Are you sure, mother bear? Hest, Amy JE HES
Walking in a winter wonderland Hopgood, Tim (illustrator) JE HOP
Pete the cat saves Christmas Litwin, Eric JE LIT (CHRISTMAS)
If snowflakes tasted like fruitcake Previn, Stacey JE PRE
Blizzard Rocco, John JE ROC
Sugar cookies Rosenthal, Amy Krouse JE ROS
Christmas cookies Rosenthal, Amy Krouse JE ROS (CHRISTMAS)
Gobble, gobble Ryan, Jo JE RYA B&T
Little penguins Rylant, Cynthia JE RYL
Gracie meets a ghost Sena, Keiko JE SEN
Before morning Sidman, Joyce JE SID
Samson in the snow Stead, Philip Christian JE STE
Here comes Santa Cat Underwood, Deborah JE UND (CHRISTMAS)
E.T.A. Hoffman’s The Nutcracker Wang, Jack JE WAN B&T (CHRISTMAS)
Night before the snow day Wing, Natasha JE WIN PBK
Five little elves Yaccarino, Dan JE YAC B&T (CHRISTMAS)
The land of stories : a Grimm warning Colfer, Chris JF COL
Koda Hermes, Patricia JF HER
Maestoso Petra Kendall, Jane F. JF KEN
Tales from a not-so-friendly frenemy Russell, Rachel Renée JF RUS
Lose, team, lose! Stine, R. L. JF STI
Shake, rattle, & hurl! Stine, R. L. JF STI
How I met my monster Stine, R. L. JF STI
Son of Slappy Stine, R. L. JF STI
Planet of the lawn gnomes Stine, R. L. JF STI
Explore Native American cultures! Yasuda, Anita PRC J973.04 YAS

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 17, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Women in politics and government Lanser, Amanda J320.082 LAN
Celebrate Christmas Heiligman, Deborah J394.26 HEI (CHRISTMAS)
The butterfly Crewe, Sabrina J595.78 CRE
Bonnie and Clyde Cooke, Tim JB BON
Animals on the go! Phidal Publishing JE ANI B&T
Pete the cat and the missing cupcakes Dean, Kim JE DEA
The great spruce Duvall, John JE DUV (CHRISTMAS)
The day Santa stopped believing in Harold Fergus, Maureen JE FER (CHRISTMAS)
The lost gift George, Kallie JE GEO (CHRISTMAS)
This first Christmas night Godwin, Laura JE GOD (CHRISTMAS)
A very special snowflake Hoffman, Don JE HOF
Little Babymouse and the Christmas cupcakes Holm, Jennifer L. JE HOL (CHRISTMAS)
Toys meet snow Jenkins, Emily JE JEN
The Christmas fox McGrory, Anik JE MCG (CHRISTMAS)
Cody and Grandpa’s Christmas tradition Metivier, Gary JE MET (CHRISTMAS)
The biggest smallest Christmas present Muncaster, Harriet JE MUN (CHRISTMAS)
Open very carefully O’Byrne, Nicola JE O’BY
Bears in the snow Parenteau, Shirley JE PAR
Curious George feeds the animals Rey, Margret JE REY
Candy Cane Lane Santoro, Scott JE SAN (CHRISTMAS)
The twelve days of Christmas Teckentrup, Britta JE TEC (CHRISTMAS)
Yitzi and the giant menorah Ungar, Richard JE UNG
CJ’s treasure chase Brody, Jessica JF BRO
Freddie’s shadow cards Brody, Jessica JF BRO
Jingle Bells Hapka, Cathy JF HAP
Troll overboard Harrell, Rob JF HAR
The troll who cried wolf Harrell, Rob JF HAR
S.O.S. Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Unsinkable Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Mark of the plague Sands, Kevin JF SAN
The Blackthorn key Sands, Kevin JF SAN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | October 31, 2016

Title Author Call No.
LEGO Factastic LEGO Group J031.02 LEG
Vampires : magic, myth, and mystery Loh-Hagan, Virginia J398.21 LOH
Opossums Dunn, Mary R. J599.2 DUN
Whales Fuhr, Ute J599.5 JEU
Mistakes that worked : the world’s familiar inventions and how they came to be Jones, Charlotte Foltz J609 JON
Who is Wayne Gretzky? Herman, Gail JB GRE
Who is Derek Jeter? Herman, Gail JB JET
Who is J.K. Rowling? Pollack, Pam JB ROW
The chicken of the family Amato, Mary JE AMA
Fly Guy’s ninja Christmas Arnold, Tedd JE ARN (CHRISTMAS)
Air Force Entin, Cindy JE ENT B&T
Little Mouse’s big book of beasts Gravett, Emily JE GRA
Pete the cat : and his four groovy buttons Litwin, Eric JE LIT
If you give a mouse a brownie Numeroff, Laura Joffe JE NUM
Hello Ocean Ryan, Pam Muñoz JE RYA
Tractor Mac : countdown to Christmas Steers, Billy JE STE B&T (CHRISTMAS)
My first trick or treat Worthy Media, Inc. JE TRI B&T
The land of stories : the enchantress returns Colfer, Chris JF COL
Elska Hapka, Cathy JF HAP
Bell’s Star Hart, Alison JF HAR
Life of Zarf : the trouble with weasels Harrell, Rob JF HAR
Diary of a wimpy kid : double down Kinney, Jeff JF KIN
Ginger Klimo, Kate JF KLI
Togo Klimo, Kate JF KLI
Jingle Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Creeper invasion Morgan, Winter JF MOR
27 magic words Moranville, Sharelle Byars JF MOR
Rock ‘n’ roll rebel Rue, Ginger JF RUE
Of mice and magic Vernon, Ursula JF VER
Loose parts 2 : inspiring play with infants and toddlers Beloglovsky, Miriam PRC J372.21 DAL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | October 18, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Bigfoot Loh-Hagan, Virginia J001.944 LOH
A little book of sloth Cooke, Lucy J599.313 COO
Mini horse Matzke, Ann H. J636.1 MAT
Dog on board Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw J636.772 PAT
Hedgehog Matzke, Ann H. J636.9332 MAT
Jump, tuck, flip Rissman, Rebecca J791.64 RIS
Quest for the best Rissman, Rebecca J791.64 RIS
Make some noise Rissman, Rebecca J791.64 RIS
Laugh-out-loud jokes spooky jokes for kids Elliott, Rob J818.6 ELL
Knights and castles Matthews, Rupert J940.1 MAT
LeBron James Nagelhout, Ryan JB JAM
Peyton Manning Hammer, Maxwell JB MAN
If you’re spooky and you know it Fronis, Aly JE FRO B&T
Owl sees owl Godwin, Laura JE GOD
Wow! said the owl Hopgood, Tim JE HOP
It’s a tiger! LaRochelle, David JE LAR
Bump! Little Owl Lodge, Jo JE LOD B&T
How big could your pumpkin grow? Minor, Wendell JE MIN
The very best pumpkin Moulton, Mark Kimball JE MOU
Birdie’s happiest Halloween Rim, Sujean JE RIM
The little old lady who was not afraid of anything Williams, Linda JE WIL
Pumpkin soup Cooper, Helen JF COO PBK
Moo Creech, Sharon JF CRE
New girl in town Easton, Marilyn JF EAS PBK
Lights, camera, Girl Power! Hapka, Cathy JF HAP PBK
Jungle adventure Hapka, Cathy JF HAP PBK
Vault of shadows Maberry, Jonathan JF MAB
The orphan army Maberry, Jonathan JF MAB
Curse of the Boggin MacHale, D. J. JF MAC
Andrew McCutchen Flynn, Brendan JF MCC
I pledge allegiance Mora, Pat JF MOR PBK
Peppa’s Halloween party Astley Baker Davies Ltd. JF PEP PBK
The peculiar haunting of Thelma Bee Petti, Erin JF PET
Nightmares! : the lost lullaby Segel, Jason JF SEG
Nightmares! : the sleepwalker tonic Segel, Jason JF SEG
Ratpunzel Vernon, Ursula JF VER
Dolphin rescue West, Tracey JF WES PBK
Birthday surprise West, Tracey JF WES PBK
The forbidden library Wexler, Django JF WEX
The mad apprentice Wexler, Django JF WEX

NEW BOOK RELEASES | October 11, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Lobbyists and special interest groups Herschbach, Elisabeth J324.78 HER
The United States Senate Ziff, John J328.73 ZIF
Where is Alcatraz? Medina, Nico J365 MED
Explore light and optics! Yasuda, Anita J535 YAS
Where is the Great Barrier Reef? Medina, Nico J551.42 MED
Giant squid Fleming, Candace J594 FLE
Hedgehogs Gregory, Josh J599.33 GRE
Unusual and awesome jobs in sports Johnson, Jeremy J796.023 JOH
My first book of hockey Bechtel, Mark J796.962 BEC
Love monster and the scary something Bright, Rachel JE BRI
Bad Kitty, scaredy-cat Bruel, Nick JE BRU
Pippa the pumpkin fairy Bugbird, Tim JE BUG
Izzy the ice-cream fairy Bugbird, Tim JE BUG
Lola the lollipop fairy Bugbird, Tim JE BUG
Don’t push the button! Cotter, Bill JE COT
Follow the moon home Cousteau, Philippe JE COU
Trick or treat, pout-pout fish Diesen, Deborah JE DIE B&T
Ollie’s Halloween Dunrea, Olivier JE DUN E.R.
Go away, big green monster! Emberley, Ed JE EMB
Duck & Goose find a pumpkin Hills, Tad JE HIL B&T
Shake it up, baby! Katz, Karen JE KAT B&T
Goodbye summer, hello autumn Pak, Kenard JE PAK
Baby touch your nose Sirett, Dawn JE SIR B&T
Can you make a scary face? Thomas, Jan JE THO
Leonardo, the terrible monster Willems, Mo JE WIL
The cow loves cookies Wilson, Karma JE WIL
Lilliput Gayton, Sam JF GAY
Collision course Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Outbreak London, C. Alexander JF LON
The bicycle spy McDonough, Yona Zeldis JF MCD
The case of the barfy birthday Torrey, Michele JF TOR
The case of the crooked carnival Torrey, Michele JF TOR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | September 26, 2016

Title Author Call No.
One vote, two votes, I vote, you vote Worth, Bonnie J324.6 WOR
Voters : from primaries to decision night Grayson, Robert J324.973 GRA
Growing patterns Campbell, Sarah C. J512.7 CAM
Mysterious patterns Campbell, Sarah C. J516.15 CAM
Grow! Raise! Catch! Rotner, Shelley J641.3 ROT
Bioengineering Burillo-Kirch, Christine J660.6 BUR
Cheer tools and gear Marciniak, Kristin J791.64 MAR
Being your best at cheerleading Yomtov, Nelson J791.64 YOM
Minecraft : The Survivors’ Book of Secrets Milton, Stephanie J793.93 MIL
Minecraft : The Survivors’ Book of Secrets Milton, Stephanie J793.93 MIL
Rising above Zuckerman, Gregory J796.092 ZUC
Where is the Amazon? Fabiny, Sarah J981.1 FAB
Stephen Curry Schuh, Mari C. JB CUR
Whoosh! Barton, Chris JB JOH
Fascinating : the life of Leonard Nimoy Michelson, Richard JB NIM
Barbie : 5-minute stories : the sister collection JE BAR
Pupunzel Boelts, Maribeth JE BOE
Pajama time! Boynton, Sandra JE BOY B&T
Kiss baby’s boo-boo Katz, Karen JE KAT B&T
Beddy-bye, baby Katz, Karen JE KAT B&T
The dinosaur disaster McElligott, Matthew JE MCE
The weather disaster McElligott, Matthew JE MCE
Playtime for Peppa and George Rusu, Meredith JE RUS
Thomas & Friends : 5-minute stories : the sleepytime collection JE THO
Max and Ruby’s preschool pranks Wells, Rosemary JE WEL
Miracle in Music City Grant, Natalie JF GRA
A dolphin wish Grant, Natalie JF GRA
London art chase Grant, Natalie JF GRA
Shiloh Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds JF NAY NEWBERY 1992
The case of the gasping garbage Torrey, Michele JF TOR
The case of the graveyard ghost Torrey, Michele JF TOR
The case of the Mossy Lake monster Torrey, Michele JF TOR
Weekends with Max and his dad Urban, Linda JF URB

NEW BOOK RELEASES | September 19, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Guinness world records 2017 Guinness World Records Limited J032 GUI 2017
Trailblazers : 33 women in science who changed the world Swaby, Rachel J509.2 SWA
The great leopard rescue : saving the Amur leopards Markle, Sandra J599.755 MAR
Who was Milton Bradley? Anderson, Kirsten JB BRA
I yam a donkey Bell, Cece JE BEL
Black cat, white cat Borando, Silvia JE BOR
Not this bear Capucilli, Alyssa Satin JE CAP
Baking day at Grandma’s Denise, Anika JE DEN B&T
Miss Twiggley’s tree Fox, Dorothea Warren JE FOX
The fintastic fishsitter O’Hara, Mo JE O’HA
The Sweetest treats Reid, Hunter JE REI B&T
Duck on a tractor Shannon, David JE SHA
The girl who drank the moon Barnhill, Kelly Regan JF BAR
Imagination according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G. JF BIR
Secrets according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G. JF BIR
NERDS : attack of the bullies Buckley, Michael JF BUC
Al Capone does my homework Choldenko, Gennifer JF CHO
There was an old lady who swallowed a turkey! Colandro, Lucille JF COL PBK
Ruby in her own time Emmett, Jonathan JF EMM PBK
Into the gauntlet Haddix, Margaret Peterson JF HAD
Maybe a bear ate it! Harris, Robie H. JF HAR PBK
Pinkalicious : soccer star Kann, Victoria JF KAN PBK
Animal instincts Korte, Steven JF KOR
Beauty queen Mlynowski, Sarah JF MLY
Storm warning Park, Linda Sue JF PAR
I even funnier Patterson, James JF PAT
I totally funniest Patterson, James JF PAT
Vespers rising Riordan, Rick JF RIO
Locker hero Russell, Rachel Renée JF RUS
Famouse fjord race Stilton, Geronimo JF STI PBK
I survived the eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980 Tarshis, Lauren JF TAR
I survived the eruption of Mount St. Helens, 1980 Tarshis, Lauren JF TAR
Ghosts Telgemeier, Raina JF TEL
Quick as a cricket Wood, Audrey JF WOO PBK

NEW BOOK RELEASES | September 7, 2016

Title Author Call No.
Political parties McPherson, Stephanie Sammartino J324.273 MCP
Around America to win the vote Rockliff, Mara J324.623 ROC
The presidential election process Anderson, Holly Lynn J324.6 AND
Special interests Donovan, Sandra J324.78 DON
Media Donovan, Sandra J324.7 DON
Groundhogs Meister, Cari J599.36 MEI
Stephen Curry Murray, Laura K. JB CUR
Pokémon the series. XYZ. The rescue mission Barbo, Maria S. JE BAR
Dinosaur dance! Boynton, Sandra JE BOY B&T
The uncorker of ocean bottles Cuevas, Michelle JE CUE
Time for bed, Olaf! Froeb, Lori JE FRO B&T
Pirasaurs! Funk, Josh JE FUN
Bedtime peekaboo! Sirett, Dawn JE SIR B&T
Hide and seek Sirett, Dawn JE SIR B&T
What time is it, Daniel Tiger? Testa, Maggie JE TES B&T
Serafina and the Twisted Staff Beatty, Robert JF BEA
Mysteries according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G. JF BIR
Winter according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G. JF BIR
The villain virus Buckley, Michael JF BUC
Mission atomic Chadda, Sarwat JF CHA
Al Capone shines my shoes Choldenko, Gennifer JF CHO
The land of stories : an author’s odyssey Colfer, Chris JF COL
Return to the Isle of the Lost De la Cruz, Melissa JF DEL
The emperor’s code Korman, Gordon JF KOR
The viper’s nest Lerangis, Peter JF LER
My big fat zombie goldfish : live and let swim O’Hara, Mo JF O’HA
I funny: a middle school story Patterson, James JF PAT
Framed! Ponti, James JF PON
The hidden oracle Riordan, Rick JF RIO
Star Wars Jedi Academy. A new class Krosoczka, Jarrett JF STA
Away in a star sled Stilton, Geronimo JF STI PBK
Creepella Von Cacklefur #8 : the phantom of the theater Stilton, Geronimo JF STI PBK
Darkstalker Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
Hands on Sousa, Gail PRC J745.5 SOU