Children’s New Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 14, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Different abilities Pettiford, Rebecca J362.4 PET
Awesome experiments with living things Canavan, Thomas J580.78 CAN
Ambulances Bowman, Chris J629.222 BOW
Pickup trucks Bowman, Chris J629.223 BOW
Race cars Bowman, Chris J629.228 BOW
Goats Leighton, Christina J636.39 LEI
Cavalier King Charles spaniels Polinsky, Paige V. J636.752 POL
Make origami mammals Owen, Ruth J736.982 OWE
Power Rangers Green, Sara J791.45 GRE
Singles skating Schwartz, Heather E. J796.91 SCH
Pennsylvania Heinrichs, Ann J974.8 HEI
Washington, DC Heinrichs, Ann J975.3 HEI
West Virginia Heinrichs, Ann J975.4 HEI
Virginia Heinrichs, Ann J975.5 HEI
Texas Heinrichs, Ann J976.4 HEI
Tennessee Heinrichs, Ann J976.8 HEI
Ohio Heinrichs, Ann J977.1 HEI
Brave Jane Austen Pliscou, Lisa, JB AUS
Barbara Bush : literacy champion Hutchison, Patricia JB BUS
Marie Curie Demi JB CUR
Michelle Obama : health advocate MacCarald, Clara JB OBA
Nancy Reagan : drug crusader Zee, Amy Van JB REA
Melania Trump : champion for youth Oachs, Emily Rose JB TRU
Me and Earl and the dying girl Andrews, Jesse J BOOK/CD AND
Out of the dust Hesse, Karen J BOOK/CD HES
Monster Myers, Walter Dean J BOOK/CD MYE
A single shard Park, Linda Sue J BOOK/CD PAR
The itchy book! Pham, LeUyen JE PHA
Sparks! Boothby, Ian JF BOO
The Bolds on vacation Clary, Julian JF CLA


Title Author Call No.
Tech world : the language of social media Dugan, Christine J302.23 DUG
My Little Pony Green, Sara J338.4 GRE
Hello Kitty Green, Sara J338.4 GRE
Hip-hop alphabet Abrams, Howie J428.1 ABR
95-year-old parrots! Atlantic, Leonard J598.71 ATL
Motorcycles Bowman, Chris J629.227 BOW
Chickens Schuetz, Kari J636.5 SCH
Bernese mountain dogs Sabelko, Rebecca J636.73 SAB
Border collies Sabelko, Rebecca J636.73 SAB
How to be a DJ in 10 easy lessons DJ Booma J791.445 BOO
The Walkabout Orchestra Perarnau, Chloé J793.73 PER
Olympic records Adamson, Thomas K. J796.48 ADA
A new school year Derby, Sally J813 DER
Crash : the Great Depression and the fall and rise of America Favreau, Marc J973.91 FAV
Walk two moons Creech, Sharon J BOOK/CD CRE
Flush Hiaasen, Carl J BOOK/CD HIA
Island of the Blue Dolphins O’Dell, Scott J BOOK/CD O’DE
Stargirl Spinelli, Jerry J BOOK/CD SPI
When you reach me Stead, Rebecca J BOOK/CD STE
The big umbrella Bates, Amy June JE BAT
How to grow a dinosaur Esbaum, Jill JE ESB
Wolfie & Fly: band on the run Fagan, Cary JE FAG
Dance, dance, dance! Long, Ethan JE LON
Just dance MacLachlan, Patricia JE MAC
The Piano Maijala, Marika JE MAI
The EARTH book Parr, Todd JE PAR
Pignic Phelan, Matt JE PHE
I can grow a flower Sirett, Dawn JE SIR B&T
Moon Teckentrup, Britta JE TEC
Dormouse dreams Wilson, Karma JE WIL
Disney/Pixar Coco Nitz, Jai JF DIS
The story of the treasure seekers Nesbit, Edith JF NES CLASSIC

NEW BOOK RELEASES |April 25, 2018

Title Author Call No.
A timeline of warships Cooke, Tim J359.8 COO
The groundbreaking Pony express Quiri, Patricia Ryon J383.143 QUI
Caves Pettiford, Rebecca J551.44 PET
Manga crash course fantasy Petrović, Mina J741.51 PET
Speed Skating Waxman, Laura Hamilton J796.914 WAX
The South Pole Bluthenthal, Todd J919.89 BLU
Fire and ice Hunter, Erin J BOOK/CD HUN
Into the wild Hunter, Erin J BOOK/CD HUN
Rising Storm Hunter, Erin J BOOK/CD HUN
Beyond the grave Watson, Jude J BOOK/CD WAT
The boy who never gave up : Stephen Curry Curcio, Anthony JB CUR
Fly Guy and the alienzz Arnold, Tedd JE ARN
I love Dad : with the very hungry caterpillar Carle, Eric JE CAR
The funeral James, Matt JE JAM
Be kind Miller, Pat Zietlow JE MIL
Fancy Nancy : bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles! O’Connor, Jane JE O’CO E.R.
Five Little Ducks (Raffi Songs to Read) Raffi JE RAF
Jack and the beanstalk and the french fries Teague, Mark JE TEA
Out of the wild night Balliett, Blue JF BAL
A cast is the perfect accessory (and other lessons I’ve learned) Gutknecht, Allison JF GUT
The Parker inheritance Johnson, Varian JF JOH
A pup called trouble Pyron, Bobbie JF PYR
Once was a time Sales, Leila JF SAL
I survived the children’s blizzard, 1888 Tarshis, Lauren JF TAR
How Oscar Indigo broke the universe Teague, David JF TEA

NEW BOOK RELEASES |April 11, 2018

Title Author Call No.
John Deere, that’s who! Maurer, Tracy JB DEE
Who was Henry VIII? Labrecque, Ellen JB HEN
May I come in? Arnold, Marsha Diane JE ARN
Crown : an ode to the fresh cut Barnes, Derrick D. JE BAR
Big cat, little cat Cooper, Elisha JE COO
Ducks away! Fox, Mem JE FOX
I’m not using the potty Gehl, Laura JE GEH
Floaty Himmelman, John JE HIM
Thank You, Earth Sayre, April Pulley JE SAY
Kate, who tamed the wind Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton JE SCA
Hello hello Wenzel, Brendan JE WEN
I got it! Wiesner, David JE WIE
Lost and found what’s that sound? Ying, Jonathan JE YIN
The journey of little Charlie Curtis, Christopher Paul JF CUR
Spring break mistake Gutknecht, Allison JF GUT
Sing like nobody’s listening Gutknecht, Allison JF GUT
Stanley will probably be fine Pla, Sally J. JF PLA
Spy toys Powers, Mark JF POW

NEW BOOK RELEASES |April 5, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Forest of secrets Hunter, Erin J BOOK/CD HUN
A wrinkle in time L’Engle, Madeleine J BOOK/CD L’EN
Wonder Palacio, R. J. J BOOK/CD PAL
Space heroes Dolan, Hannah J629.40 DOL
Lady Gaga Lajiness, Katie JB LAD
Imagine that! How Dr. Seuss wrote The cat in the hat Sierra, Judy JB SEU
Blake Shelton Lajiness, Katie JB SHE
How to find an elephant Banks, Kate JE BAN
The world is awake Davis, Linsey JE DAV
Pete the Cat : The Petes go marching Dean, James JE DEA
Llama Llama loses a tooth Dewdney, Anna JE DEW E.R.
Eva and the lost pony Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
The Wildwood Bakery Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
Baxter is missing Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
This is the nest that Robin built Fleming, Denise JE FLE
The littlest train Gall, Chris JE GAL
Hooked Greenwald, Tom JE GRE
Every color soup Hurley, Jorey JE HUR
Bird builds a nest Jenkins, Martin JE JEN
The magician’s hat Mitchell, Malcolm JE MIT
Pizza pig Murray, Diana JE MUR E.R.
Wordy birdy Sauer, Tammi JE SAU
The great dictionary caper Sierra, Judy JE SIE
A busy creature’s day eating Willems, Mo JE WIL
The enchanted castle Nesbit, Edith JF NES CLASSIC
Middle School : From hero to zero Patterson, James JF PAT
Unicorn of many hats Simpson, Dana JF SIM
Unicorn crossing Simpson, Dana JF SIM
Magic storm Simpson, Dana JF SIM
Unicorn on a roll Simpson, Dana JF SIM
Phoebe and her unicorn Simpson, Dana JF SIM
The heart and mind of Frances Pauley Stevens, April JF STE

NEW BOOK RELEASES |March 21, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Geckos Bach, Rachel J597.952 BAC
Why are ostriches so big? Fletcher, Patricia J598.14 FLE
Drums Amoroso, Cynthia J786.9 AMO
Earth verse Walker, Sally M. J811.54 WAL
Hurricane Harvey Felix, Rebecca J976.4 FEL
A lady has the floor Hannigan, Kate JB LOC
Carrie Underwood Lajiness, Katie JB UND
The Berenstain Bears and the giddy grandma Berenstain, Stan JE BER PBK
The Berenstain Bear Scouts and the coughing catfish Berenstain, Stan JE BER PBK
The Berenstain Bears and the new girl in town Berenstain, Stan JE BER PBK
Max and Marla Boiger, Alexandra JE BOI
Meet Black Panther Busse, R. R. JE BUS PBK
Little Lucy Cooper, Ilene JE COO PBK
Wolf in the snow Cordell, Matthew JE COR CALDECOTT 2018
Anna & Elsa. 4. The great ice engine David, Erica JE DIS
Charlie’s new friend Drummond, Ree JE DRU PBK
My pillow keeps moving! Gehl, Laura JE GEH
Drop it, Rocket! Hills, Tad JE HIL PBK
Olympig! Jamieson, Victoria JE JAM PBK
Kiss baby’s boo-boo Katz, Karen JE KAT B&T
Moonlight on the magic flute Osborne, Mary Pope JE OSB PBK
Junie B. Jones and that meanie Jim’s birthday Park, Barbara JE PAR PBK
Junie B. Jones and the yucky blucky fruitcake Park, Barbara JE PAR PBK
Junie B. Jones and some sneaky peeky spying Park, Barbara JE PAR PBK
Petting zoo Tuchman, Gail JE TUC PBK
The house of the scorpion Farmer, Nancy JF FAR
Code of honor Hunter, Erin JF HUN
Hello, universe Kelly, Erin Entrada JF KEL NEWBERY 2018
A dash of trouble Meriano, Anna JF MER
Mez’s magic Schrefer, Eliot JF SCH
How to spot a sasquatch Torres, J. JF TOR
Mystery of the bear cub Wight, Tamra JF WIG

NEW BOOK RELEASES |March 6, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Real dragons Szymanski, Jennifer J597.95 SZY
The cat encyclopedia for kids Mattern, Joanne J636.8 MAT
Guitars Amoroso, Cynthia J787.87 AMO
Batman will save the day! Dingee, A. E. JE BAT E.R.
The Berenstain Bears and the ducklings Berenstain, Mike JE BER E.R.
The rabbit listened Doerrfeld, Cori JE DOE
Little Bunny Foo Foo : the real story Doerrfeld, Cori JE DOE
The new liBEARian Donald, Alison JE DON
Elmore Hobbie, Holly JE HOB
Dinosaurs McDonald, Jill JE MCD B&T
My body McDonald, Jill JE MCD B&T
The Gingerbread Man and the leprechaun loose at school Murray, Laura JE MUR
Everybunny count! Sandall, Ellie JE SAN
Everybunny dance! Sandall, Ellie JE SAN
Truck, truck, goose! Sauer, Tammi JE SAU
Mouse loves spring Thompson, Lauren JE THO E.R.
Darkest night Hunter, Erin JF HUN
Shattered sky Hunter, Erin JF HUN
Thunder and shadow Hunter, Erin JF HUN
The apprentice’s quest Hunter, Erin JF HUN
Quest for the city of gold Patterson, James JF PAT
Whiskerella Vernon, Ursula JF VER
Giant trouble Vernon, Ursula JF VER
Hilo : waking the monsters Winick, Judd JF WIN
Hilo : saving the whole wide world Winick, Judd JF WIN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 21, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Ripley’s believe it or not! curioddities Ripley’s Entertainment Inc. J031.02 RIP
Impact! Rusch, Elizabeth J523.44 RUS
I love horses and ponies Swinney, Nicola Jane J636.1 SWI
The big book for toddlers Wong, Alice J808.8 BIG
Selena Gomez Lajiness, Katie JB GOM
Ariana Grande Gigliotti, Jim JB GRA
Alabama spitfire Hegedus, Bethany JB LEE
Bruno Mars Gigliotti, Jim JB MAR
Hog wild! Boynton, Sandra J BOOK W/CD BOY
Ed Sheeran Lajiness, Katie JB SHE
Taylor Swift Kelley, K. C. JB SWI
The Berenstain Bears’ baby Easter bunny Berenstain, Jan JE BER
The Berenstain Bears down on the farm Berenstain, Stan JE BER PBK
Super Sid Lloyd, Sam JE LLO
The very, very, very long dog Patton, Julia JE PAT
Rio 2: Blu’s wild journey Roberts, Christa JE ROB
Olivia and the babies Shepherd, Jodie JE SHE PBK
Should I share my ice cream? Willems, Mo JE WIL
There is a bird on your head! Willems, Mo JE WIL
My friend is sad Willems, Mo JE WIL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 9, 2018

Title Author Call No.
What is rock and roll? O’Connor, Jim J781.66 O’CO
Live original Robertson, Sadie JB ROB
A valentine for Percy Courtney, Richard JE AWD E.R.
Mr. Goat’s valentine Bunting, Eve JE BUN
I love Pete the kitty Dean, James JE DEA B&T
A family mystery Hernandez, Sarah JE DIS E.R.
How do you say I love you? Eliot, Hannah JE ELI B&T
The best Easter prize Evans, Kristina JE EVA
Happy Easter, Mouse! Numeroff, Laura Joffe JE NUM B&T
Groundhug Day Pace, Anne Marie JE PAC
Here comes the Easter Cat! Underwood, Deborah JE UND
We are in a book! Willems, Mo JE WIL
Elephants cannot dance! Willems, Mo JE WIL
Waiting is not easy! Willems, Mo JE WIL
Mouse and Mole, secret valentine Yee, Wong Herbert JE YEE E.R.
Winnie-the-Pooh Milne, A. A. JF MIL
The prince and the pauper Twain, Mark JF TWA

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 1, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Sergeant Murphy’s traffic book Scarry, Richard JE SCA B&T
Dragon overnight Mlynowski, Sarah JF MLY

NEW BOOK RELEASES | January 10, 2018

Title Author Call No.
A friend is someone who likes you Anglund, Joan Walsh JE ANG SMALL
The Berenstain Bears’ Valentine love bug Berenstain, Mike JE BER
The mermaid Brett, Jan JE BRE
Jabari jumps Cornwall, Gaia JE COR
Click, clack, moo : I love you! Cronin, Doreen JE CRO
Pete the cat and the cool caterpillar Dean, James JE DEA E.R.
I love my dad Weinberg, Jennifer JE DIS
Cookiesaurus Rex Dominy, Amy Fellner JE DOM
The littlest valentine Dougherty, Brandi JE DOU
Curious George makes a valentine Rey, H. A. JE FRE
Ponies love pets! Hughes, Emily C. JE HUG PBK
The wolf who wanted to fall in love Lallemand, Orianne JE LAL
Valensteins Long, Ethan JE LON
I love kisses McFarlane, Sheryl JE MCF
Groggle’s monster valentine Murray, Diana JE MUR
Fancy Nancy : oodles of kittens O’Connor, Jane JE O’CO
Peek-a-boo what? Kreloff, Elliot JE PEE B&T
Dear Girl, Rosenthal, Amy Krouse JE ROS
Tractor Mac, you’re a winner Steers, Billy JE STE
The magic misfits Harris, Neil Patrick JF HAR
Auggie & me : three wonder stories Palacio, R. J. JF PAL
Dog man and cat kid Pilkey, Dav JF PIL
The trials of Morrigan Crow Townsend, Jessica JF TOW

NEW BOOK RELEASES | December 20, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Surviving sharks and other dangerous creatures Zullo, Allan J591.65 ZUL
Twists, braids, & ponytails Benjamin, Joël J646.7 BEN
Climbing your family tree Wolfman, Ira J929.1 WOL
Rush Revere and the first patriots Limbaugh, Rush H. J BOOK/CD LIM
The Berenstain Bears and the Nutcracker Berenstain, Jan JE BER
Deck the Malls! Cadenhead, MacKenzie JE CAD
My mermaid counting book Hendra, Sue JE HEN B&T
Spot’s magical Christmas Hill, Eric JE HIL
The dog Mixter, Helen JE MIX
December dog Roy, Ron JE ROY
Pick a pine tree Toht, Patricia JE TOH
A home for Sandy Webb, Holly JE WEB
Issie and the Christmas pony Gregg, Stacy JF GRE
A very Babymouse Christmas Holm, Jennifer L. JF HOL
Nickel Bay Nick Pitchford, Dean JF PIT
Young Scrooge : a very scary Christmas story Stine, R. L. JF STI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | December 6, 2017

Title Author Call No.
A smart girl’s guide to her parents’ divorce Holyoke, Nancy J306.89 HOL
A boy, a mouse, and a spider Herkert, Barbara JB WHI
I am Malala Yousafzai, Malala JB YOU
Snappsy the alligator and his best friend forever (probably) Falatko, Julie JE FAL
Jonah and the big fish Gay, Susana JE GAY B&T
Hoot and Peep : a song for snow Judge, Lita JE JUD
Goodnight, hockey fans Larsen, Andrew JE LAR
Big bad bubble Rubin, Adam JE RUB
Elf detectives Sonneborn, Scott JE SON
Let’s go for a drive! Willems, Mo JE WIL
Cross my heart and hope to spy Carter, Ally JF CAR
Don’t judge a girl by her cover Carter, Ally JF CAR
Gone-Away Lake Enright, Elizabeth JF ENR
Zita the spacegirl Hatke, Ben JF HAT
Runaway Mackall, Dandi Daley JF MAC
Wild cat Mackall, Dandi Daley JF MAC
Bobby Lee Claremont and the criminal element Mobley, Jeannie JF MOB
The relic war Pavlou, Stel JF PAV
Zorgamazoo Weston, Robert Paul JF WES