Children’s New Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 7, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Apollo 11 launches a new era Adamson, Thomas K. J629.454 ADA
Around the world in 80 maps Hibbert, Clare J912 HIB
Whose toes are those? Asim, Jabari JE ASI B&T
The Earth gives more Fliess, Sue JE FLI
Good-bye, winter! Hello, spring! Iwamura, Kazuo JE IWA
Because Willems, Mo JE WIL
Merci Suárez changes gears Medina, Meg JF MED NEWBERY 2019
Battle storm : an unofficial Fortnite novel Stevens, Cara J. JF STE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 27, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Stargazers Gibbons, Gail J520 GIB
Phases of the Moon Ipcizade, Catherine J523.32 IPC
Seeing stars : a complete guide to the 88 constellations Gillingham, Sara J523 GIL
Gardening with Emma Biggs, Emma J635 BIG
Karl’s new beak Nargi, Lela J636.089 NAR
Pro baseball’s all-time greatest comebacks Lyon, Drew J796.357 LYO
Pro Hockey’s Underdogs Bradley, Michael J796.962 BRA
The girl who drew butterflies Sidman, Joyce JB MER
Elvis is King! Winter, Jonah JB PRE
Look up with me Berne, Jennifer JB TYS
William wakes up Ashman, Linda JE ASH
The Berenstain Bears the very first Easter Berenstain, Mike JE BER PBK
Eva and Baby Mo Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
Bark Park Krisher, Trudy JE KRI
Do fairies bring the spring Walsh, Liza Gardner JE WAL B&T
The day you begin Woodson, Jacqueline JE WOO
Fairies hate ponies Manning, Matthew K. JF MAN
Birthday drama! Russell, Rachel Renée JF RUS
More sideways arithmetic from Wayside School Sachar, Louis JF SAC
Sideways stories from Wayside School Sachar, Louis JF SAC
Wayside School gets a little stranger Sachar, Louis JF SAC
Wings of fire : the graphic novel. Book two, The lost heir Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The final Frankenstein Troupe, Thomas Kingsley JF TRO
The lost Lenore Troupe, Thomas Kingsley JF TRO
The Minotaur maze Troupe, Thomas Kingsley JF TRO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 21, 2019

Title Author Call No.
On the playground : our first talk about prejudice Roberts, Jillian J303.385 ROB
CIA agents Colich, Abby J327.1273 COL
Secret service agents Colich, Abby J363.283 COL
Meghan Markle Golkar, Golriz JB MAR
The Easter surprise Churchman, John JE CHU
First star : a Bear and Mole story Hillenbrand, Will JE HIL
Hop Hurley, Jorey JE HUR B&T
The little rabbit Killen, Nicola JE KIL
Snowman – cold = puddle : spring equations Salas, Laura Purdie JE SAL
Wordy Birdy meets Mr. Cougarpants Sauer, Tammi JE SAU
Little Blue Truck’s springtime Schertle, Alice JE SCH B&T
Turkey’s eggcellent Easter Silvano, Wendi JE SIL
The creature of the pines Gidwitz, Adam JF GID
The Basque dragon Gidwitz, Adam JF GID
Song for a whale Kelly, Lynne JF KEL
Magic smells awful Manning, Matthew K. JF MAN
The Gulliver giant Troupe, Thomas Kingsley JF TRO
Hilo : then everything went wrong Winick, Judd JF WIN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | February 13, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Understanding propaganda Micklos, John J303.375 MIC
Local government Alexander, Vincent J320.473 ALE
Just right : searching for the Goldilocks planet Manley, Curtis J523.2 MAN
Nature-inspired contraptions Koontz, Robin Michal J600 KOO
Ask the astronaut Jones, Tom J629.41 JON
Crave-worthy candy confections with a side of science Eboch, M. M. J641.853 EBO
Fashion guru Rissman, Rebecca J746.92 RAU
Coding in video games Noll, Elizabeth J794.8 NOL
Stars of world soccer Jökulsson, Illugi J796.334 JOK
Stars of all time Illugi Jökulsson J796.334 JOK
Miracle on ice Williams, Heather J796.96 WIL
Fact or fiction? : Researching the causes of the American Civil War Cole, Tayler J973.711 COL
I love you just the way you are! Greening, Rosie JE GRE B&T
Green Lantern is responsible Harbo, Christopher L. JE HAR
The soccer secret Lupica, Mike JE LUP
A valentine for Linus! Schulz, Charles M. JE SCH
Two dogs in a trench coat start a club by accident Falatko, Julie JF FAL
Super Potato’s galactic breakout Laperla JF LAP
Pay attention, Carter Jones Schmidt, Gary D. JF SCH

NEW BOOK RELEASES | January 30, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Maker lab outdoors : 25 super cool projects Challoner, Jack J507.8 CHA
Exoplanets Simon, Seymour J523.24 SIM
I wish I was a polar bear Bové, Jennifer J599.78 BOV
Destination: space : living on other planets Williams, Dave J629.44 WIL
Spacecraft Spray, Sally J629.47 SPR
The space adventurer’s guide McMahon, Peter J629.4 MCM
Roblox character encyclopedia Cox, Alexander J794.8 COX
Inside the world of Roblox Cox, Alexander J794.8 COX
Jump shot Sabino, David J796.32 SAB
Green Wilma, frog in space Arnold, Tedd JE ARN
Please and thank you Bedouet, Thierry JE BED B&T
Llama Llama, be my valentine! Dewdney, Anna JE DEW E.R.
Spot says please Hill, Eric JE HIL B&T
Auntie and Me Katz, Karen JE KAT B&T
The cars and trucks book Parr, Todd JE PAR
The sweetest Valentine BuzzPop JE SHO
Little Owl’s day Srinivasan, Divya JE SRI
Little Owl’s night Srinivasan, Divya JE SRI
Lily & Kosmo in Outer Outer Space Ashley, Jonathan JF ASH
The wonderling Bartók, Mira JF BAR
Digging for trouble Fairstein, Linda A. JF FAI
The unteachables Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Geronimo on ice! Stilton, Geronimo JF STI
I survived the battle of D-Day, 1944 Tarshis, Lauren, JF TAR
Who in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Tinker, Rebecca, JF TIN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | January 24, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Hacks for Minecrafters : command blocks Miller, Megan J793.93 MIL
Who was Nikola Tesla? Gigliotti, Jim JB TES
Owl Attiogbé, Magali JE ATT B&T
Bad Kitty. Kitten trouble Bruel, Nick JE BRU
Hugs and kisses for the grouchy ladybug Carle, Eric JE CAR
I’ll love you till the cows come home Cristaldi, Kathryn JE CRI
Penguin says “Please” Dahl, Michael JE DAH B&T
Pete the Kitty and the case of the hiccups Dean, James JE DEA E.R.
I wish it would snow! Dillard, Sarah JE DIL
10 little kisses Garland, Taylor JE GAR B&T
Sophie Johnson : unicorn expert Hood, Morag JE HOO
Excuse me! Katz, Karen JE KAT
Harold loves his woolly hat Kousky, Vern JE KOU
The secret valentine London, Jonathan JE LON
Robot in love McBeth, T. L. JE MCB
Owls are good at keeping secrets O’Leary, Sara JE O’LE
Dance! dance! underpants! Shea, Bob JE SHE
Who has wiggle-waggle toes? Shiefman, Vicky JE SHI
Love, Z Sima, Jessie JE SIM
Candy kisses Siwa, JoJo JE SIW
Little owl’s snow Srinivasan, Divya JE SRI
Mouse loves love Thompson, Lauren JE THO E.R.
The goose egg Wong, Liz JE WON
One-third nerd Choldenko, Gennifer JF CHO
Raymie nightingale DiCamillo, Kate JF DIC
The Storm Keeper’s Island Doyle, Catherine JF DOY
Secrets from the deep Fairstein, Linda A. JF FAI
Into the lion’s den Fairstein, Linda A. JF FAI
The enchanted Creeper Mann, Greyson JF MAN
Dog Man : Brawl of the wild Pilkey, Dav JF PIL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | January 9, 2019

Title Author Call No.
Social media savvy Raum, Elizabeth J004.67 RAU
Haunted houses Hansen, Grace J133.1 HAN
Biofuel energy projects Alkire, Jessie J333.95 ALK
Absolute expert : dolphins Swanson, Jennifer J599.53 SWA
Living through the Revolutionary War MacCarald, Clara J973.3 MAC
Carter reads the newspaper Hopkinson, Deborah JB WOO
Beauty McKinley, Robin JF MCK
Polar bears : survival on the ice Viola, Jason JF VIO

NEW BOOK RELEASES | January 2, 2019

Title Author Call No.
The land of stories  : an author’s odyssey Colfer, Chris J BOOK/CD COL
The land of stories  : worlds collide Colfer, Chris J BOOK/CD COL
The land of stories : beyond the kingdoms Colfer, Chris J BOOK/CD COL
Chomp Hiaasen, Carl J BOOK/CD HIA
Hoot Hiaasen, Carl J BOOK/CD HIA
Peril at the top of the world Patterson, James J BOOK/CD PAT
Secret of the Forbidden City Patterson, James J BOOK/CD PAT
Hatchet Paulsen, Gary J BOOK/CD PAU
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban Rowling, J. K. J BOOK/CD ROW
Beyond the bright sea Wolk, Lauren J BOOK/CD WOL
Wolf Hollow Wolk, Lauren J BOOK/CD WOL
Geothermal energy : the energy inside our planet Brearley, Laurie J333.88 BRE
Computer evidence Kortuem, Amy J363.25 KOR
Space discoveries Orr, Tamra J520 ORR
A seed is the start Stewart, Melissa J581.467 STE
Beavers Poliquin, Rachel J599.37 POL
How do bionic limbs work? Marquardt, Meg J617.9 MAR
International space station Murray, Julie J629.4 MUR
The complete cookbook for young chefs America’s Test Kitchen J641.5 AME
Terrible and toxic makeup Croy, Anita J646.72 CRO
Mount Rushmore Simms, Susan Rose J978.39 SIM
The eye that never sleeps Moss, Marissa JB PIN
It’s a firefly night Ochiltree, Dianne JE OCH PBK
Lyric McKerrigan, secret librarian Sager Weinstein, Jacob JE SAG
Laugh out loud Patterson, James JF PAT
The hive queen Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The creepy case files of Margo Maloo. 2, The monster mall Weing, Drew JF WEI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | December 17, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Roses and radicals Zimet, Susan J BOOK/CD 324.6 ZIM
Ogre enchanted Levine, Gail Carson J BOOK/CD LEV
Happy New Year! Coleman, Clara O. J394.261 COL
Let’s Celebrate New Year’s Day DeRubertis, Barbara J394.261 DER
New Year celebrations in different places Johnson, Robin J394.261 JOH
Solve this! Galat, Joan Marie J507.8 GAL
Dinosaur Kainen, Dan J567.9 KAI
One iguana two iguanas Collard, Sneed B. J597.95 COL
Kites Sommer, Nathan J598.945 SOM
Who invented the radio? : Tesla vs. Marconi Hamen, Susan E. J621.384 HAM
No small potatoes Bolden, Tonya JB GRO
How rude! Arnold, Sarah JE ARN
Lost and found Buller, Laura JE BUL PBK
The friendship bridge Disney Book Group JE BUL PBK
Ten little fingers, two small hands = Diez deditos, dos manitas Dempsey, Kristy JE DEM B&T
The darkest dark Hadfield, Chris JE HAD
Happy New Year, Spot! Hill, Eric JE HIL B&T
Jurassic world : fallen kingdom Lewman, David JE LEW PBK
The three little aliens and the big bad robot McNamara, Margaret JE MCN
My brother is autistic Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer JE MOO PBK
Hickory, dickory, dock and other favorite nursery rhymes Rešček, Sanja JE RES B&T
Bundle of nerves Schuh, Mari C. JE SCH
The Land of Stories : the ultimate book hugger’s guide Colfer, Chris JF COL
Squint Morris, Chad JF MOR
The lightning thief : the illustrated edition Riordan, Rick JF RIO
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets : the illustrated edition Rowling, J. K. JF ROW
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban : the illustrated edition Rowling, J. K. JF ROW
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone : the illustrated edition Rowling, J. K. JF ROW
Orphan Island Snyder, Laurel JF SNY

NEW BOOK RELEASES | December 10, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Why not? Boyer, Crispin J031.02 BOY
Earthrise : Apollo 8 and the photo that changed the world Gladstone, James J525.02 GLA
The fantastic body : what makes you tick & how you get sick Bennett, Howard J. J571 BEN
Disney Ideas Book Dowsett, Elizabeth J745.5 DOW
Pokémon super deluxe essential handbook J793.93 POK
Roblox top adventure games Wiltshire, Alex J794.8 ROB
Timelines of everything Dugger, Kayla J909.02 SMI
The Atlas Obscura explorer’s guide Thuras, Dylan J910.4 THU
Who is Judy Blume? Anderson, Kirsten JB BLU
John F. Kennedy : the making of a leader Upadhyay, Ritu JB KEN
The hall monitors are fired! Chabert, Jack JE CHA PBK
Pete the cat. Snow daze Dean, James JE DEA PBK
The mouse who reached the sky Horáček, Petr JE HOR
Gekko saves the city Nakamura, May JE PJM PBK
The wonky donkey Smith, Craig JE SMI
The wonky donkey Smith, Craig JE SMI PBK
Scaredy squirrel goes camping Watt, Mélanie JE WAT
Sneezy the snowman Wright, Maureen JE WRI PBK
Wishtree Applegate, Katherine JF APP
Kate the great– except when she’s not Becker, Suzy JF BEC
Kate the great : winner takes all Becker, Suzy JF BEC
Misfits : Royal Academy rebels Calonita, Jen JF CAL
Ben Franklin’s in my bathroom! Fleming, Candace JF FLE
Sasquatch and the Muckleshoot Gidwitz, Adam JF GID
The phantom tower Graff, Keir JF GRA
Theodore Boone : the scandal Grisham, John JF GRI
Theodore Boone : the activist Grisham, John JF GRI
Theodore Boone : the fugitive Grisham, John JF GRI
Battle for Loot Lake : an unofficial Fortnite adventure novel Hunter, Devin JF HUN
Fantastic beasts : the crimes of Grindelwald Rowling, J. K. JF ROW
Almost paradise Shofner, Corabel JF SHO
Beyond the bright sea Wolk, Lauren JF WOL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | December 5, 2018

Title Author Call No.
FBI agents Colich, Abby J363.25 COL
Hacks for minecrafters Miller, Megan J793.93 MIL
The ultimate unofficial guide to Robloxing Majaski, Christina J794.8 MAJ
Endling: The last Applegate, Katherine J BOOK/CD APP
Louisiana’s way DiCamillo, Kate J BOOK/CD DIC
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets Rowling, J. K. J BOOK/CD ROW
Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone Rowling, J. K. J BOOK/CD ROW
The trials of Morrigan Crow Townsend, Jessica J BOOK/CD TOW
Little house on the prairie Wilder, Laura Ingalls J BOOK/CD WIL
Pete the cat and the surprise teacher Dean, James JE DEA E.R.
Good Rosie! DiCamillo, Kate JE DIC
The Flash is caring Harbo, Christopher L. JE HAR
A very corgi Christmas Hay, Sam JE HAY
First look and find Merry Christmas Lobo, Julia JE LOB B&T
Princess! Fairy! Ballerina Murguia, Bethanie Deeney JE MUR
You are my merry Richmond, Marianne JE RIC
The Christmas cookie thief Rusu, Meredith JE RUS
Juliet saves the day! Dingee, A. E. JE SHE E.R.
Pigs make me sneeze! Willems, Mo JE WIL
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal. 3, Bad to the bones Brown, Jeffrey JF BRO
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal. 3, Bad to the bones Brown, Jeffrey JF BRO
Lucy & Andy Neanderthal Brown, Jeffrey JF BRO
Louisiana’s way home DiCamillo, Kate JF DIC
The list Forde, Patricia JF FOR
Wrath of the dragon king Mull, Brandon JF MUL
Razzle dazzle unicorn Simpson, Dana JF SIM
Unicorn vs. goblins Simpson, Dana JF SIM
The lost continent Sutherland, Tui JF SUT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 26, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Why, Fly Guy? Arnold, Tedd J031 ARN
Fly Guy presents : police officers Arnold, Tedd J363.2 ARN
An anthology of intriguing animals Hoare, Ben J590 HOA
LEGO Star Wars ideas book Dolan, Hannah J688.72 DOL
An unofficial encyclopedia of strategy for Fortniters Rich, Jason J794.85 RIC
Fortnite Battle Royale hacks Rich, Jason J794.8 RIC
Unstoppable Coulson, Art J796.092 COU
Intro to show jumping Aswell, Sarah J798.2 ASW
Unicorn rescue society. Books 1-2 Gidwitz, Adam J BOOK/CD GID
Hope in the holler Tyre, Lisa Lewis J BOOK/CD TYR
Even superheroes make mistakes Becker, Shelly JE BEC
Even superheroes have bad days Becker, Shelly JE BEC
Spirit of Christmas Benson, Nicky JE BEN
Snowy wishes Bentley, Sue JE BEN
Superbat Carr, Matt JE CAR
Elbow Grease Cena, John JE CEN
Can I be your dog? Cummings, Troy JE CUM
Sleepy, the goodnight buddy Daywalt, Drew JE DAY
The fun dad Forte, Lauren JE FOR E.R.
The gift that I can give Gifford, Kathie Lee JE GIF
We don’t eat our classmates Higgins, Ryan T. JE HIG
Giraffe problems John, Jory JE JOH
Once upon a snowstorm Johnson, Richard JE JOH
Love matters most Kelly, Mij JE KEL
Good night, bat! Good morning, squirrel! Meisel, Paul JE MEI
PJ Masks : Gekko saves Christmas. Simon Spotlight JE PJ B&T
Christmas Tree Who Loved Trains Silvestro, Annie JE SIL
Grumpy groundhog Wright, Maureen JE WRI
The friendship mix-up Gownley, Jimmy JF DIS
Mustaches for Maddie Morris, Chad JF MOR
Battle storm Stevens, Cara J. JF STE
Darkness of dragons Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The nebula secret Trueit, Trudi Strain JF TRU

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 20, 2018

Title Author Call No.
A Christmas surprise Bentley, Sue JE BEN
Miracle on 34th Street Davies, Valentine JE DAV
Llama Llama holiday drama Dewdney, Anna JE DEW
Olivia Claus Einhorn, Kama JE EIN B&T
Mrs. Claus takes the reins Fliess, Sue JE FLI
Home for the holidays Garland, Taylor JE GAR
The 12 pets of Christmas Garland, Taylor JE GAR B&T
The twelve days of Christmas in Ohio Gerber, Carole JE GER B&T
North Pole Ninjas. Mission : Christmas! Gregson, Tyler Knott JE GRE
Plum Hayes, Sean JE HAY
Santa Bruce Higgins, Ryan T. JE HIG
The night Santa got lost Keane, Michael JE KEA
Dear Santa, I know it looks bad, but it wasn’t my fault Lewis, Norma JE LEW
Fancy Nancy Splendiferous Christmas O’Connor, Jane JE O’CO
Christmas heroes! Moore, Harry JE PAW B&T
Christmas wishes Testa, Maggie JE TES
The legend of the candy cane Walburg, Lori JE WAL
Holiday Heroes save Christmas Wallace, Adam JE WAL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 12, 2018

Title Author Call No.
Staying safe online Hubbard, Ben J004.67 HUB
Relationships whiz Raum, Elizabeth J155.433 RAU
Animal facts or fibs Russo, Kristin J. J590 RUS
My friend has Down syndrome Touring, Amanda Doering J618.92 TOU
Survival guide Lewman, David J791.43 LEW
My first book of basketball Bugler, Beth J796 BUG
I am Neil Armstrong Meltzer, Brad JB ARM
Wishtree Applegate, Katherine J BOOK/CD APP
Snow babies Anderson, Laura Ellen JE AND B&T
Noodleheads see the future Arnold, Tedd JE ARN PBK
Noodlehead nightmares Arnold, Tedd JE ARN PBK
Ten hungry turkeys Balsley, Tilda JE BAL
Juno Valentine and the magical shoes Chen, Eva JE CHE
PJ Masks and the dinosaur! Cregg, R. J. JE CRE PBK
Pete the cat and the bedtime blues Dean, Kim JE DEA
The shy little kitten’s Christmas Depken, Kristen L. JE DEP
Llama Llama and the bully goat Dewdney, Anna JE DEW
There’s a dragon in your book Fletcher, Tom JE FLE
Corduroy takes a bow Davis, Viola JE FRE
Batman is trustworthy Harbo, Christopher L. JE HAR
Winter is here Henkes, Kevin JE HEN
The star in the Christmas play Marie, Lynne JE MAR
PJ Masks Owlette and the giving owl Pendergrass, Daphne JE PEN PBK
PJ Masks save the library! Pendergrass, Daphne JE PEN PBK
PJ Masks : time to be a hero Pendergrass, Daphne JE PEN PBK
Peppa gives thanks Rusu, Meredith JE PEP
I don’t want to go to sleep Petty, Dev JE PET
Bizzy Mizz Lizzie Shannon, David JE SHA
Into the night to save the day! Spinner, Cala JE SPI PBK
PJ Masks make friends Spinner, Cala JE SPI PBK
Sophie’s Christmas surprise Wells, Rosemary JE WEL B&T
Blended Draper, Sharon M. JF DRA
In your shoes Gephart, Donna JF GEP
Weather or not Mlynowski, Sarah JF MLY
Tales from a not-so-happy birthday Russell, Rachel Renee JF RUS
Talons of power Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
Little Red Rodent Hood Vernon, Ursula JF VER