Summer Reading Program 2014

Dear Patrons,

You and your children are invited to join the St. Clairsville Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.

Not only will there be incentives to read, but you can attend fun programs and events for all ages!

Children ages 0-11 can register for “Fizz, Boom, Read!”, an exciting mix of science experiments, crafts, and other activities. The programs are free and open to children of all abilities. Don’t forget to count how many books you read!

By keeping their minds active during the summer months, children and teens are better prepared when school is back in session.

Remember, you are your child’s first teacher. Explore picture books with your children. Ask them to point out people, animals, and objects in the illustrations. Read to your children and ask them to read to you. Your librarian will be happy to help you find books that are just right.

Click here for a Children’s Summer Reading list of events.

This and more information is also available upon registration at the Children’s Department desk.

Teens ( 12-18)
You are invited to “Spark a Reaction,” in your own Summer Reading Program. Be sure to head to the library to try some great hands-on experiments while also keeping track of how many books you read at home for a chance to win some great prizes!

You will receive tickets for participating in the Summer Reading Program.
Attend a program = 5 tickets
Read a book = 1 ticket

You can put their tickets into the prize box of their choice. Winners will be drawn out at the end of the program. Also, you have a chance to win some great prizes at the weekly programs. The more you participate, the more chances you will have to win!

A list of events will be available at registration. You can also check our Program Calendar on this site.

This and more information will be given to teens as they register at the Children’s Department desk.

Teen Summer Reading Newsletter 1

Adults are also invited to their own program called, “Literary Elements.” Reading books and attending a variety of fun events is key to making the most of your summer at the library. We have some great prizes for you as well!

How do I participate?
You participate by either reading a book or attending a program and then filling out a ticket. You can read as many books and attend as many adult programs as possible throughout June and July.

 How do I win?
Winners will be drawn out of the ticket jar throughout the program. Also, the winner of the Nature Photography Contest will win a great prize!

What are the tickets?
If you attend an adult program or read a book, come to the front desk and fill out an Adult Summer Reading ticket.

If you have read more than one book or attended multiple programs, please fill out a ticket for each individual one. That will give you more chances to win! As an example, if you have read a book and attended a program, please fill out two separate tickets.

More information about individual programs will be available upon registration at the Front Desk.

Adult Summer Reading Newsletters:
Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3

We hope that you and your family enjoy reading together and truly come to discover the treasures of your library.

Check our Program Calendar for a schedule of events for each age group. Children’s events are in green, teen events are in purple, and adult events are in orange.


St. Clairsville Public Library Staff



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