Children’s New Releases

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 29, 2017

Title Author Call No.
First words : French Mansfield, Andy J448.2 MAN
Last of the giants Campbell, Jeff J591.68 CAM
The next wave Rusch, Elizabeth J621.31 RUS
Dead zones Hand, Carol J639.2 HAN
Hockey : Then to Wow! The Editors of Sports Illustrated Kids J796.962 HOC
Super hockey infographics Savage, Jeff J796.962 SAV
Omaha Beach on D-Day Morvan, Jean David J940.54 MOR
Aaron and Alexander Brown, Don J973.4 BRO
Frozen in time : Clarence Birdseye’s outrageous idea about frozen food Kurlansky, Mark JB BIR
Untamed : the wild life of Jane Goodall Silvey, Anita JB GOO
Mary Todd Lincoln Krull, Kathleen JB LIN
Lincoln’s spymaster Seiple, Samantha JB PIN
Schomburg : the man who built a library Weatherford, Carole Boston JB SCH
Ivy + Bean take the case Barrows, Annie JE BAR PBK
ABC Geddes, Anne JE GED
A visit from Santa Graham, Oakley JE GRA B&T
Sparkling Jewel Green, D. L. JE GRE PBK
Shelter Pet Squad. Paloma Lord, Cynthia JE LOR PBK
Shelter Pet Squad. Jelly Bean Lord, Cynthia JE LOR PBK
A unicorn adventure! Ryder, Chloe JE RYD PBK
True legend Lupica, Mike JF LUP

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 22, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Staying Safe Online Brundle, Harriet 004.678 BRU
Beetle busters Burns, Loree Griffin J595.76 BUR
Sneaker century Keyser, Amber J685.31 KEY
Building amazing creations Kenney, Sean J745.5928 KEN
Growing up Pedro Tavares, Matt JB MAR
One little reindeer Braun, Sebastien JE BRA
A farm for Maisie Churchman, John JE CHU
Flashlight night Esenwine, Matt Forrest JE ESE
Good night Christmas tree Gamble, Adam JE GAM B&T
Mrs. Greenberg’s messy Hanukkah Glaser, Linda JE GLA PBK
I’m Just a Little Snowman Top That Publishing JE I’M B&T
My two blankets Kobald, Irena JE KOB
The wizards of once Cowell, Cressida JF COW
Wedgie & Gizmo Selfors, Suzanne, JF FIS
Left out Green, Tim JF GRE
The explorer Rundell, Katherine JF RUN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 13, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Secrets of our nation’s capital Lee, Susan Schader J975.3 LEE
Popcorn Asch, Frank JE ASC B&T
It’s shoe time! Willems, Mo JE COL
Don’t push the button! A Christmas adventure Cotter, Bill JE COT B&T
Goodnight hockey Dahl, Michael JE DAH B&T
Thanks for Thanksgiving Markes, Julie JE MAR
Merry Christmas, Shimmer and Shine! Viacom International, Inc. JE MER B&T
Jingle Pups Spin Master PAW Productions JE PAW B&T
Thankful Spinelli, Eileen JE SPI B&T
Santa, please bring me a gnome Swerts, An JE SWE
How to catch an elf Wallace, Adam JE WAL
Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the whole world Willems, Mo JE WIL
The Christmas elf countdown! Wohnoutka, Mike JE WOH B&T
Diary of a wimpy kid : the getaway Kinney, Jeff JF KIN
Ghosts of Greenglass House Milford, Kate JF MIL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | November 6, 2017

Title Author Call No.
How to code in 10 easy lessons McManus, Sean J005.1 MCM
Oceans Green, Dan J551.46 GRE
Dinosaurs : an amazing animal discovery book Nash, Dylan M. J567.9 DIN
Chef Gino’s taste test challenge Campagna, Gino J641.5 CAM
Alexander Graham Bell answers the call Fraser, Mary Ann JB BEL
The Berenstain Bears and the prize pumpkin Berenstain, Stan JE BER
123 Cox, Katie JE COX B&T
The enormous crocodile Dahl, Roald JE DAH PBK
Batman and the flock of fear Manning, Matthew K. JE MAN PBK
Batman and the Killer Croc of doom! Sutton, Laurie JE SUT PBK
Bear, do you wear underwear? Doodler, Todd H. JE DOO B&T
First words Priddy Books JE FIR B&T
Superman battles Parasite’s feeding frenzy Peterson, Scott JE PET PBK
We’re all wonders Palacio, R. J. JE PAL
Nothing rhymes with orange Rex, Adam JE REX
Dino-dancing Wheeler, Lisa JE WHE
The Adventurers Guild Clark, Zack Loran JF CLA
Attack on the overworld Davidson, Danica JF DAV
Escape from the overworld Davidson, Danica JF DAV
Podkin One-Ear Larwood, Kieran JF LAR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | October 23, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Just joking : animal riddles Lewis, J. Patrick J818.6 LEW
Daniel finds a poem Archer, Micha JE ARC PBK
Where is Bear? Bentley, Jonathan JE BEN
There’s a bear on my chair Collins, Ross JE COL
Do not bring your dragon to the library Gassman, Julie JE GAS
Do not take your dragon to dinner Gassman, Julie JE GAS
Bumpety, dunkety, thumpety-thump! Going, K. L. JE GOI
Walter’s wonderful web Hopgood, Tim JE HOP
Fort-building time Lloyd, Megan Wagner JE LLO
Spunky little monkey Martin, Bill JE MAR
After the fall Santat, Dan JE SAN
Mary McScary Stine, R. L. JE STI
Is that wise, Pig? Thomas, Jan JE THO
Still stuck Yoshitake, Shinsuke JE YOS
A properly unhaunted place Alexander, William JF ALE
Adventure according to Humphrey Birney, Betty G. JF BIR
Pick the plot Riley, James JF RIL
Story thieves Riley, James JF RIL
Super Max and the mystery of Thornwood’s revenge Vaught, Susan JF VAU
The Palace Buzz Schell, Linda Lee LOCAL JF SCH
The Plot Thickens Schell, Linda Lee LOCAL JF SCH
Come along with me Schell, Linda Lee LOCAL JF SCH

NEW BOOK RELEASES | October 4, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Who was Princess Diana? Labrecque, Ellen JB DIA
Who was Alexander Hamilton? Pollack, Pam JB HAM
Who are the Rolling Stones? Rau, Dana Meachen JB ROL
Who are Venus and Serena Williams? Buckley, James, Jr. JB WIL
The shape of the world : a portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright Going, K. L. JB WRI
Fly Guy’s big family Arnold, Tedd JE ARN
The library book Chapin, Tom JE CHA
City moon Cole, Rachael JE COL
Llama Llama gives thanks Morrow, J. T. JE DEW B&T HOL
Llama llama jingle bells Dewdney, Anna JE DEW B&T HOL
La la la DiCamillo, Kate JE DIC
The Giant Jumperee Donaldson, Julia JE DON
Sleep tight farm Doyle, Eugenie JE DOY
Sarabella’s thinking cap Schachner, Judith Byron JE SCH
The last kids on Earth and the Nightmare King Brallier, Max JF BRA
Eternity de la Peña, Matt JF INF
The iron empire : Infinity ring. 7 Dashner, James JF INF
Behind Enemy Lines Nielsen, Jennifer A. JF INF
Cave of wonders Kirby, Matthew J. JF INF
Curse of the ancients de la Peña, Matt JF INF
The trap door McMann, Lisa JF INF

NEW BOOK RELEASES | September 22, 2017

Title Author Call No.
The man who loved libraries Larsen, Andrew JB CAR
The girl who ran Poletti, Frances JB GIB
Long-armed Ludy and the first women’s Olympics Patrick, Jean L. S. JB GOD
Disney Elena of Avalor : royal vacation Katschke, Judy JE DIS
Kai: ninja of fire; Zane: ninja of ice Farshtey, Greg JE FAR PBK
Jay : ninja of lightning Farshtey, Greg JE FAR PBK
Cole : ninja of Earth Farshtey, Greg JE FAR PBK
Wakem the rooster : up all night FitzSimmons, David JE FIT
Sounds all around Pfeffer, Wendy JE PFE
The boy who dared Bartoletti, Susan Campbell JF BAR
The pudding problem Berger, Joe JF BER
Framed Korman, Gordon JF KOR
Step up to the plate, Maria Singh Krishnaswami, Uma JF KRI
Beware the ninja weenies Lubar, David JF LUB
Attack of the vampire weenies Lubar, David JF LUB
Amulet keepers Northrop, Michael JF NOR
Book of the dead Northrop, Michael JF NOR
The hidden kingdom Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The lost heir Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The brightest night Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
Winter turning Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
Escaping peril Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
I survived the American Revolution, 1776 Tarshis, Lauren JF TAR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | August 31, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Pete the Cat : the first Thanksgiving Dean, Kimberly JE DEA
Llama llama trick or treat Dewdney, Anna JE DEW
Fred and Ted go camping Eastman, Peter JE EAS E.R.
Buddy and Earl go to school Fergus, Maureen JE FER
Clementine, Friend of the Week Pennypacker, Sara JE PEN
Beach feet Reiser, Lynn JE REI
Turkey trick or treat Silvano, Wendi JE SIL
Here comes teacher Cat Underwood, Deborah JE UND
Minecraft : the island Brooks, Max JF BRO
Dog Man : a tale of two kitties Pilkey, Dav JF PIL
Middle school mayhem Russell, Rachel Renée JF RUS
Attack of the Jack! Stine, R. L. JF STI
You can’t scare me! Stine, R. L. JF STI
The dragonet prophecy Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
The dark secret Sutherland, Tui JF SUT
Moon rising Sutherland, Tui JF SUT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | August 11, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Strong as Sandow Tate, Don JB SAN
Take a picture of me, James Van Der Zee! Loney, Andrea J. JB VAN
The legend of rock paper scissors Daywalt, Drew JE DAY
Petunia Duvoisin, Roger JE DUV
Can I have a Stegosaurus, Mom? Can I? Please!? Grambling, Lois G. JE GRA
If you give a moose a muffin Numeroff, Laura Joffe JE NUM
Creepy pair of underwear! Reynolds, Aaron JE REY
The case of the stolen poodle & other mysteries Tashjian, Janet JE TAS
Pumpkin trouble Thomas, Jan JE THO
The emperor’s ostrich Berry, Julie JF BER
The 65-story treehouse Griffiths, Andy JF GRI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 26, 2017

Title Author Call No.
G-Force Lobo, Julia J793.73 LOB OVERSIZE
Shrek the third Katschke, Judy J793.73 SHR OVERSIZE
The Smurfs 2 Mawhinney, Art J793.93 MAW OVERSIZE
Red Cloud Nelson, S. D. J978.004 NEL
Grace Hopper Wallmark, Laurie JB HOP
Who was Frank Lloyd Wright? Labrecque, Ellen JB WRI
Books vs. looks Dadey, Debbie JE DAD PBK
First look and find Disney princess DiCicco Studios JE DIS B&T
Charlie the ranch dog : stuck in the mud Drummond, Ree JE DRU E.R.
Go sleep in your own bed Fleming, Candace JE FLE
Be quiet! Higgins, Ryan T JE HIG
Stuck Jeffers, Oliver JE JEF (OVERSIZE)
Bunny Island Kennard, Philippa JE KEN PBK
Chews your destiny Montijo, Rhode JE MON
Me and you and the red canoe Pendziwol, Jean JE PEN
Now Portis, Antoinette JE POR
The case of the missing action figure : & other mysteries Tashjian, Janet JE TAS
Tournament of champions Bildner, Phil JF BIL
Lights, camera, middle school! Holm, Jennifer L. JF HOL
The Wingsnatchers Horwitz, Sarah Jean JF HOR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | July 14, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Winning volleyball for girls Crisfield, Deborah J796.325 CRI
Scooby-Doo’s guide to camping Sourcebooks, Inc. J796.54 SCO
Who was Lucille Ball? Pollack, Pam JB BAL
Charlotte the scientist is squished Andros, Camille JE AND
Flower girl dreams Dadey, Debbie JE DAD PBK
Twist and shout Dadey, Debbie JE DAD PBK
Trouble at Trident Academy Dadey, Debbie JE DAD PBK
A whale of a tale Dadey, Debbie JE DAD PBK
Charlie plays ball Drummond, Ree JE DRU
Charlie goes to school Drummond, Ree JE DRU
You can’t spike your serves Gassman, Julie JE GAS PBK
Shh! We have a plan Haughton, Chris JE HAU
Sadie braves the wilderness Pearson, Yvonne JE PEA
Wild Thing Mackall, Dandi Daley JF MAC
Gum luck Montijo, Rhode JF MON
Revenge of the happy campers Ziegler, Jennifer JF ZIE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 26, 2017

Title Author Call No.
I can find it! : DreamWorks Bee movie Fontes, Justine J793.73 FON
Scooby-Doo! First Look and Find Wanhala, Dwight J793.73 WAN
Wordplay Brunetti, Ivan JE BRU
What’s your favorite color? Carle, Eric JE CAR
Little Pig saves the ship Costello, David JE COS
The three little pugs Jones, Noah JE JON PBK
7 ate 9 : the untold story Lazar, Tara JE LAZ
Bob and Joss get lost! McCleery, Peter JE MCC
The banana-leaf ball Milway, Katie Smith JE MIL
Blue sky white stars Naberhaus, Sarvinder JE NAB
Where’s the party? Robey, Katharine JE ROB
The Officer’s Ball Yee, Wong Herbert JE YEE
The unexpected life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts Avi JF AVI
Prisoner of ice and snow Lauren, Ruth JF LAU
Stick Cat : a tail of two kitties Watson, Tom JF WAT
Stick dog Watson, Tom JF WAT
Stick Dog slurps spaghetti Watson, Tom JF WAT
Stick Cat: Cats in the city Watson, Tom JF WAT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | June 12, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Animals & insects Hammond, Paula J590.2 ANI
1001 pirate things to spot Jones, Rob Lloyd J793.73 JON
I’m bored Black, Michael Ian JE BLA
Pete the cat and the cool cat boogie Dean, Kim JE DEA
Pete the cat and the tip-top tree house Dean, James JE DEA E.R.
Bulldozer helps out Fleming, Candace JE FLE
Poor Louie Fucile, Tony JE FUC
What matters Hughes, Alison JE HUG
Jack and the snackstalk Jones, Noah JE JON PBK
If mom had three arms Orloff, Karen Kaufman JE ORL
Amelia Bedelia makes a splash Parish, Herman JE PAR
Private list for camp success Perry, Chrissie JE PER
Dragons love tacos 2 Rubin, Adam JE RUB
Goldfish Ghost Snicket, Lemony JE SNI
Athlete vs. mathlete. Time-out Mack, W. C. JF MAC
Athlete vs. mathlete. Double dribble Mack, W. C. JF MAC
Ancient Egypt Morris, Neil J932 MOR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 24, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Hedgehogs Vanderlip, Sharon J636.933 VAN
Ballpark eats Jorgensen, Katrina J641.597 JOR
Martina & Chrissie Bildner, Phil J796.342 BIL
Keith Haring : the boy who just kept drawing Haring, Kay JB HAR
Kate Warne : Pinkerton Detective Moss, Marissa JB WAR
Click, clack, boo! Cronin, Doreen JE CRO
Little Ree Drummond, Ree JE DRU
Is everyone ready for fun? Thomas, Jan JE THO
A birthday for Cow! Thomas, Jan JE THO
The Easter Bunny’s assistant Thomas, Jan JE THO
The crooked sixpence Bell, Jennifer JF BEL
The last kids on Earth and the zombie parade Brallier, Max JF BRA
Mary Anne saves the day : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M. JF MAR
Claudia and mean Janine : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M. JF MAR
Dog Man Pilkey, Dav JF PIL
Hilo : the great big boom Winick, Judd JF WIN

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 17, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Engineering Jackson, Tom J620 JAC
Accessorize yourself! Laughlin, Kara L. J646.4 LAU
The LEGO architect Alphin, Tom J688.725 ALP
Look at that building Ritchie, Scot J690 RIT
Scooby-Doo’s Laugh-out-loud jokes! Dahl, Michael J818.602 DAH
Billions of bricks Cyrus, Kurt JE CYR
Stick and Stone Ferry, Beth JE FER
Bulldozer’s big day Fleming, Candace JE FLE
Hey little ant Hoose, Philip M. JE HOO
Please please the bees Kelley, Gerald JE KEL
Diggers go Light, Steve JE LIG B&T
Mighty, mighty construction site Rinker, Sherri Duskey JE RIN
Bee : a peek-through picture book Teckentrup, Britta JE TEC
What will Fat Cat sit on? Thomas, Jan JE THO
Here comes the big, mean dust bunny! Thomas, Jan JE THO
Let’s sing a lullaby with the Brave Cowboy Thomas, Jan JE THO
Even princesses go to the potty Wax, Wendy JE WAX B&T
Even firefighters go to the potty Wax, Wendy JE WAX B&T
Kristy’s great idea : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M. JF MAR
The truth about Stacey : a graphic novel Martin, Ann M. JF MAR

NEW BOOK RELEASES | May 10, 2017

Title Author Call No.
The Bible in pictures for little eyes Taylor, Ken J220.9 TAY
Poems for little ones Aigner-Clark, Julie JE AIG B&T
Opposites Novick, Mary JE NOV PBK
The three billy goats gruff Pinkney, Jerry JE PIN
I’m a big brother! Randall, Ronne JE RAN B&T
Animals Sirett, Dawn JE SIR B&T
Swim, polar bear, swim! Stimson, Joan JE STI PBK


Title Author Call No.
Stephen Curry : basketball’s MVP Shea, Therese JB CUR
The Berenstain Bears learn about strangers Berenstain, Stan JE BER PBK
Clifford’s ABC Bridwell, Norman JE BRI PBK
Stanley and the magic lamp Brown, Jeff JE BRO PBK
Green Princess saves the day Crowne, Alyssa JE CRO PBK
What a hungry puppy! Herman, Gail JE HER PBK
Tug-of-war Luper, Eric JE LUP PBK
Penguin Pete and Pat Pfister, Marcus JE PFI PBK
Bob, not Bob! Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton JE SCA
Town is by the sea Schwartz, Joanne JE SCH
The scruffy puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Max the missing puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Lucky the rescued puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Ellie the homesick puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Buttons the runaway puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Lucy the littlest puppy Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
The Snow Bear Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Waiting for Pumpsie Wittenstein, Barry JE WIT
Phantom Sun and White needle Bowen, Carl JF BOW
Thrill ride Dixon, Franklin W. JF DIX
Heart of a Dolphin Hapka, Cathy JF HAP
Harris and me Paulsen, Gary JF PAU
Cinderella Rudnick, Elizabeth JF RUD
Slappy birthday to you Stine, R. L. JF STI
Kizzy Ann Stamps Watts, Jeri Hanel JF WAT

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 26, 2017

Title Author Call No.
The ugly duckling Furukawa, Masumi J398.2 FUR
The mystery of the hieroglyphs Donoughue, Carol J493.1 DON
Tree life Greenaway, Theresa J591.526 GRE
Curious constructions Hearst, Michael J624 HEA
Fire truck Bingham, Caroline J628.9 BIN
Lighter than air Smith, Matthew Clark JB BLA
Trudy’s big swim Macy, Sue JB EDE
President Donald Trump Mattern, Joanne JB TRU
Pharrell Williams Flores, Christopher Lee JB WIL
Malala Frier, Raphaële JB YOU
Maybe something beautiful Campoy, F. Isabel JE CAM
Eva sees a ghost Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
A woodland wedding Elliott, Rebecca JE ELL PBK
Before & after Jullien, Jean JE JUL B&T
Little wolf’s first howling Kvasnosky, Laura McGee JE KVA
The Best bear in all the world Milne, A. A. JE MIL
Rascal Miles, Ellen JE MIL PBK
Bandit Miles, Ellen JE MIL PBK
Henry and Mudge and the tall tree house Rylant, Cynthia JE RYL PBK
Animal friends : swimming hole party! Terada, Junzō JE TER B&T
Lost in the snow Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
Alone in the night Webb, Holly JE WEB PBK
The unbreakable code Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss JF BER
Baseball genius Green, Tim JF GRE
The unbeatable squirrel girl : squirrel meets world Hale, Shannon JF HAL
A whole new ball game Payton, Belle JF PAY
May B. Rose, Caroline Starr JF ROS
Jasper and the riddle of Riley’s mine Rose, Caroline Starr JF ROS
Ready to wear Taylor, Chloe JF TAY
The house of months and years Trevayne, Emma JF TRE

NEW BOOK RELEASES | April 5, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Why do families change? : our first talk about separation and divorce Roberts, Jillian J306.89 ROB
The sun Chrismer, Melanie J523.7 CHR
Sinnoh hall of fame Fang, Katherine J794.8 FAN
Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon : the official Alola Region Pokédex & postgame adventure guide Pokémon Company International J794.8 POK
Pokémon junior handbook. Meet Buizel and friends Whitehill, Simcha J794.8 WHI
Buckeyes A to Z Walter, Mark J796.332 WAL
Tutankhamun : the life and death of a Pharaoh Murdoch, David Hamilton J932.01 MUR
Who is Sonia Sotomayor? Stine, Megan JB SOT
I’m not ready! Allen, Jonathan JE ALL
I’m not reading! Allen, Jonathan JE ALL
I’m not sleepy! Allen, Jonathan JE ALL B&T
Laundry day Bagley, Jessixa JE BAG
Bear learns to be brave The Clever Factory, Inc. JE BEA B&T
Little penguin gets the hiccups Bentley, Tadgh JE BEN
Priscilla gorilla Bottner, Barbara JE BOT
I am a big brother! Church, Caroline Jayne JE CHU B&T
I am a big sister! Church, Caroline Jayne JE CHU B&T
Learning to be kind The Clever Factory, Inc. JE LEA B&T
Go Buckeyes McNamara, Connie JE MCN B&T
Pip the little penguin Priddy, Roger JE PRI
Rain Usher, Sam JE USH
Farmer duck Waddell, Martin JE WAD B&T
Dog Man unleashed Pilkey, Dav JF PIL
The lizard of Oz Stine, R. L. JF STI

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 29, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Howtoons. Vol. 1, [Re]ignition Van Lente, Fred J507.8 VAN
Caroline’s comets McCully, Emily Arnold J520 MCC
Dinosaurs Arlon, Penelope J567.9 ARL
Sharks Clarke, Catriona J597.3 CLA
Farmers Ready, Dee J630 REA
World War II leaders Roberts, Russell J940.53 ROB
Hidden Ohio Rubini, Julie J977.1 RUB
Violet’s house Aigner-Clark, Julie JE AIG B&T
It’s Spring Berger, Samantha JE BER B&T
Little duck Conrad, Liz JE CON B&T
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean at world’s end Mawhinney, Art JE DIS
I knew you could! Dorfman, Craig JE DOR
You don’t want a unicorn! Dyckman, Ame JE DYC
10 tiny puppies Graham, V. C. JE GRA B&T
Ten lucky leprechauns Heling, Kathryn JE HEL PBK
You make me smile Marlow, Layn JE MAR PBK
Over the hedge. Meet the neighbors DreamWorks Animation JE OVE
First 100 words Phillips, Sarah JE PHI B&T
Lullaby moon Reeve, Rosie JE REE B&T
Curious George learns the alphabet Rey, H. A. JE REY
Ten wishing stars Runnells, Treesha JE RUN B&T
This little piggy Wood, Hannah JE WOO B&T
You throw like a girl Alpine, Rachele JF ALP
How to be a pirate Cowell, Cressida JF COW
How to train your dragon Cowell, Cressida JF COW
Effie Starr Zook has one more question Freeman, Martha JF FRE
The secrets of Hexbridge Castle Kent, Gabrielle JF KEN
Honor bound London, C. Alexander JF LON
Blood in the water London, C. Alexander JF LON

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 22, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Howtoons : tools of mass construction Griffith, Saul J507.8 GRI
Sharks Sheikh-Miller, Jonathan J597.3 SHE
How to create animation in 10 easy lessons Bishop-Stephens, Will J741.58 BIS
Remember D-day Drez, Ronald J. J940.54 DRE
Freedom over me Bryan, Ashley J973.71 BRY
Adolf Hitler Price, Sean JB HIT
Joseph Stalin Cernak, Linda JB STA
The hockey song Connors, Stompin’ Tom JE CON
Shake a leg, egg! Cyrus, Kurt JE CYR
Toot! Lambert, Jonathan JE LAM B&T
Go, Otto, go! Milgrim, David JE MIL E.R.
Springtime splash! Passchier, Anne JE PAS B&T
Under the sea Riggs, Kate JE RIG B&T
Crowds of creatures Riggs, Kate JE RIG B&T
They all saw a cat Wenzel, Brendan JE WEN
Flying lessons & other stories Oh, Ellen JF FLY
Sisters Telgemeier, Raina JF TEL
Smile Telgemeier, Raina JF TEL

NEW BOOK RELEASES | March 8, 2017

Title Author Call No.
Let’s find Pokemon! Emerald Aihara, Kazunori J793.73 AIH
Let’s find Pokemon! Tons of fun at the amusement park Aihara, Kazunori J793.73 AIH
Fun with Pokémon! Takase, Hiroshi J793.73 TAK
Poptropica : the official guide West, Tracey J794.8 WES
Super showdowns Whitehill, Simcha J794.8 WHI
Radiant child Steptoe, Javaka JB BAS CALDECOTT 2017
I am Jim Henson Meltzer, Brad JB HEN
Sled dog dachshund Atkins, Laura JE ATK
Leave me alone Brosgol, Vera JE BRO
The itsy bitsy duckling Burton, Jeffrey JE BUR B&T
Next to you Houran, Lori Haskins JE HOU
Are you ready for bed? Johnson, Jane JE JOH B&T
We are growing! Keller, Laurie JE KEL
Grumpy pants Messer, Claire JE MES
Reach for the moon, little lion Muller, Hildegard JE MUL
Good night Owl Pizzoli, Greg JE PIZ
Pokémon. Battle dimension: The Pokémon sneak Scholastic, Inc. JE POK PBK
Meet the Pokémon Teitelbaum, Michael JE TEI PBK
Meet Ash Teitelbaum, Michael JE TEI PBK
Oops, pounce, quick, run! Twohy, Mike JE TWO
Hooray for spring! Urban, Chiêu Anh JE URB B&T
Pokémon junior handbook. Pikachu and pals Whitehill, Simcha JE WHI PBK
The matchstick castle Graff, Keir JF GRA
Dragonwatch Mull, Brandon JF MUL